Description de la variante CVR A GALLANT
Numéro 5
Scenario Eastman
Dessin Bishop, Ben
Upc 82771403102700511
Langue EN
Brand Code IDW publishing
Cover artiest Gallant, SL
Délai de livraison Disponible
Couverture Comic
Poids 62
Diamond Code APR231601
Date limité de precommande 2023-06-04
Date de parution 19-07-2023
Disponible Prix BD Web Membre: 6,05

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In the past: A wake of death and destruction stretches behind Michelangelo, trailing across years and continents, but at long last, fate has brought him face-to-face with the one who stands between him and vengeance: the one called Death Worm. Meanwhile, in the present (a.k.a. our future!): Chaos has taken hold of New York City, forcing Casey Marie Jones and her young Turtle pupils to make a choice: stand and fight or watch the world burn… The tantalizing tale of the beginnings of the Last Ronin concludes, but this is just the beginning of an all-new adventure. Don't miss it!