Numéro ISBN 9781638588634
Numéro 4
Scenario Kent,
Dessin Kent,
Langue EN
Brand Code Manga
Cover artiest Kent,
Délai de livraison Disponible
Couverture Manga
Poids 190
Diamond Code OCT222214
Date limité de precommande 2022-11-07
Date de parution 10-05-2023
Disponible Prix BD Web Membre: 14,54 Prix de vente conseillé € 14,99

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Artists: (W/A/CA) Kent A cosmic disaster changed the Earth forever, stripping away every last drop of color from the world. Mankind also changed: the familiar human face is almost forgotten in a world now populated wholly by mutants. Against the backdrop of a moody urban landscape, a lone wolf investigator named Avidia relies on both his wits and extraordinary gun to hunt down the world's last hidden scraps of color. He soon crosses paths with a very special girl-one who just might hold the key to bringing back what the world has lost.