Couverture Manga
Langue EN
Numéro ISBN 9781419776564
Scenario Ross, Alex
Dessin Ross, Alex
Poids 190
Brand Code Marvel Heroes
Cover artiest Ross, Alex
Délai de livraison Précommande
Diamond Code JUL241195
Date limité de precommande 2024-08-02
Date de parution 02-10-2024
Précommander: 02 août 2024 Prix BD Web Membre: 65,00
FANTASTIC FOUR FULL CIRCLE EXPANDED ED GN disponible à partir du 02 août

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The critically acclaimed, award-winning national bestseller-the first original graphic novel on the Marvel Arts list-now in an oversized, deluxe expanded edition. This new edition has 288 additional pages of jaw-dropping bonus material from Ross (the original graphic novel was 64 pages), as he walks readers through his process and vision for the making of the book School Library Journal called a 'pop art masterpiece.' Showcasing early visual concepts through final art, Ross takes readers behind-the-scenes, revealing for the first time his proposal, thumbnails, sketches, inks, and color guides. The book also includes commentary from Ross as well as reprints of the classic Marvel comic from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby that inspired Fantastic Four: Full Circle-Fantastic Four no. 51-and the subsequent run of covers from 2023 which Alex Ross created for Marvel Comics, featuring the Fantastic Four in costumes designed for Fantastic Four: Full Circle.