Couverture Comic
Langue EN
Poids 62
Upc 64985600799500231
Description de la variante CVR C 10 COPY INCV STEPHENS
Brand Code XX
Cover artiest Jay Stephens
Délai de livraison Précommande
Diamond Code JUL241897
Date limité de precommande 2024-08-12
Date de parution 01-01-1900
Précommander: 12 août 2024 Prix BD Web Membre: 4,99
EC CRUEL UNIVERSE #2 (OF 5) CVR C 10 COPY INCV STEPHENS disponible à partir du 12 août

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Artists: (W) Chris Cantwell & Various (A) Javier Fernandez & Various (CA) Jay Stephens You were an explorer who challenged the farthest reaches of existence. Until your technology inevitably failed you and you found yourself trapped in the endless void of space, drifting aimlessly amongst the nebulae, with only one question rattling through your tiny, dying, all-toohuman brain: What if the horrors of this reality are too great to comprehend? What if they were NEVER supposed to be explored at all? GOOD THING YOU STILL HAVE THIS COMIC TO KEEP YOU COMPANY, SPACEMAN! Test the boundaries of our cold and unforgiving CRUEL UNIVERSE with four bizarre tales of time and space by eight modern masters of the sciencefiction form: Christopher Cantwell (Thanos, Iron Man) and David Lapham (Stray Bullets); Chris Condon (That Texas Blood) and Javier Rodriguez (Amazing Spider-Man); Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn, Grim) and Riley Rossmo (The Sandman); and a very special surprise from Ben H. Winters (CBS' Tracker) and Leomacs (Rogues). . . . At last, EC Comics dares you to look into the void and ponder what fate awaits us all! (It's OBLIVION!)