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Numéro ISBN 9780593836125
Poids 448
Brand Code Young readers
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Diamond Code JUL242085
Date limité de precommande 2024-08-25
Date de parution 01-01-1900
Précommander: 25 août 2024 Prix BD Web Membre: 34,99
D&D YOUNG ADVENTURERS COLL BOX SET disponible à partir du 25 août

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Artists: (W/A) Lincoln Peirce Immerse yourself in the fantastic magic and monsters of Dungeons & Dragons! This collection introduces young fans to some of the exciting characters, locations, creatures, and magical elements useful for creating your own epic, adventure-filled D&D tales. Keep Beasts & Behemoths close at hand-this manual of monsters might save your life! Dragons & Treasures presents a one-of-a-kind course on the unique personalities, fabled treasures, and wondrous artifacts of the most legendary of creatures: dragons! Explore the geography, inhabitants, and legends of D&D realms with Places & Portals. Discover wondrous enchanted items and curious constructs with Artificers & Alchemy.