Couverture Comic
Langue EN
Scenario Eiserike
Numéro 2
Genre Crime
Poids 62
Upc 02221170429400212
Description de la variante 2ND PTG
Brand Code XX
Cover artiest Van Domelen, Scott
Délai de livraison Précommande
Diamond Code JUN241976
Date limité de precommande 2024-07-15
Date de parution 01-01-1900
Précommander Prix BD Web Membre: 4,99
Précommander CHARM CITY #2 (OF 5) 2ND PTG

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Artists: (W) Josh Eiserike (A/CA) Scott Van Domelen 2nd Printing! After the shocking events of last issue, Baltimore Sun music blogger Alyssia Singer finds herself at a crossroads: Will she face her grief with booze, depressing music and meaningless sex... or confront the demons of her past to solve the string of violent murders plaguing Baltimore's underground witching community? Because solving the murder means Alyssia - an excommunicated witch who no longer uses magic - must confront her estranged family and keep her non-magic colleagues in the dark about the true nature of the story gripping the city... and now it seems that the killer has set his sights on her.